Completely sugar and sweetener free Dessert – that’s delicious and Paleo too!

Sugar-Free Detox? Enjoy this Delicious Paleo Friendly Dessert that is also Sugar Free!

On Day 24 of my Winter ‘Slow and Steady’ Cleanse.  The final week!

Eating raw food but no fruit  in fact no sweeteners at all.

I have been missing a dessert style food, yes missing the sweet but only craving the dried fruit or fresh fruit variety.  I felt like I wanted something after my carrot and cumin salad.  I remembered my packet of organic cashew nuts and almonds and it reminded me of a raw cake recipe I sometimes make.  The recipe uses dates normally but it has been omitted for this recipe.

In short this was the best piece of cake I have had in a long time and totally satisfied a sugar free mind and body.


(ofcourse a drizzle of raw honey or maple syrup would make this even more amazing if you want to sweeten it plus add some chopped dates mixed into the base)

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