Simple Morning Brain boost – Help your head feel lighter and clearer

Serves 1
Juicer and Blender
Prep time

Try this juice/smoothie first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach to enjoy the full impact of this nutritional outburst.

Morning Brain Boost Juice

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Prep Time: 10 minutes


  • Kale (good size handful)
  • Cucumber (4cm piece of a big cucumber)
  • Celery (one stick)
  • Ginger (5mm -1 cm depending on how strong you like it)
  • Spinach (good size handful)
  • Lemon (¼ to ½)


  1. Rinse all your ingredients first, then juice the kale, cucumber, celery and ginger.
  2. Pour drinking water through the juicer at the end while it is still operating to run all the remnants of the vegetables through that often stick to the inside of the cylinder. There are valuable nutrients that can be consumed rather than cleaned. The fibre and pulp is discarded in another part of the juicer so you are just running water through the filter, this also cleans the filter.
  3. Put the spinach into the blender and pour in the fresh green juice. Blend until the spinach is broken down. Squeeze the lemon and pour into a glass.
  4. I always use a 250ml size wine glass as I like to drink all my juices and smoothies in these as they look delicious and special in these glasses. It is important to give yourself these simple treats to show you appreciate yourself.
  5. Enjoy!
  6. And you will feel the difference within 20 minutes! Guaranteed.


**If you don’t have a juicer put the ingredients into a blender and pour a glass of water, blend and sieve or squeeze the juice through a clean cotton muslin or cloth)** This is actually a better way of drinking the juice due to no wastage of the pulp that is too small to juice but it is not so convenient or time efficient.

The taste can take a bit of getting used to especially if you are used to a sweet or high carbohydrate breakfast! But keep trying as the benefits are definitely worth it. You won’t be as hungry for that 11am pick up snack and you will be much more efficient. The high and low of a carbohydrate packed breakfast means you have to take time digesting together with the sugar high and low. Even if you don’t add sugar or honey to your breakfast the carbohydrate in the form of bread or muesli have naturally occurring sugars that have the same effect on your body and create the high and low of digesting sugar. The difference is they are slower releasing sugars compared to not having these sugars which is why they are the best of the bunch. If you are not going to be working it off and using the energy on the way to work then don’t eat it if you want to stay alert until lunch. As long as you have a good walk or cycle then these carbohydrates are a good start…… after your Green Smoothie!!

Equipment wise. I would highly recommend buying the best juicer and blended you can afford. Both these pieces of equipment will be your health companions. The juicer helps you get valuable nutrients from the hard vegetables and fruit. The blender helps with the softer vegetables and fruit. The blender also grinds nuts and seed although only use small amounts and pulse the setting. I do NOT have an expensive juicer I have bought a juicer within my budget and it is a centrifugal juicer (central column with a spinning filter blade) only about GBP60 and for a budget it works well for my needs. My blender is also only a 450ml capacity and costs around GBP10. Both these were bought at the same time and are used every day. So far they are both going strong for 8 months.

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  • Kale
  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Ginger
  • Spinach
  • Lemon


  1. Gather the ingredients together, rinse and drain.

  2. Juice the Kale, Ginger, Celery and cucumber and pour a glass of drinking water through after the vegetables have been put through.

  3. Place spinach in the blender.

  4. Pour in the fresh green juice.
    Blend until all the spinach is broken down.

  5. Pour the green smoothie juice into a tall glass.

  6. Decorate and enjoy for a brain boosting morning wake-up!


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