Homemade Chocolates as promised!

http://eatrightcompanion.com/recipe/homemade-chocolates-mmm-amazingly-raw-vegan-and-paleo/   It is so easy, so healthy, sugar free! dairy free! alternatives to buying chocolate full of ingredients NOT related to chocolate! Please enjoy and don’t think it is expensive! think how many chocolate bars you buy and put that in the kitty. Invest in your raw ingredients and you will taste the difference.  Also […]

A Daily Detox Tip from ‘The Alternative Daily’

A great start to the day in order to cleanse and remove toxins from your mouth BEFORE you consume anything. This will help to give your mouth and digestive enzymes a clean start to your day of eating and drinking.  Digestive Enzymes shouldn’t have to fight with existing toxins Check it out   http://www.thealternativedaily.com/alerts/coconutoilsecret/click-pulling.php Please […]

Completely sugar and sweetener free Dessert – that’s delicious and Paleo too!

http://eatrightcompanion.com/recipe/coco-nutty-protein-cake/ Sugar-Free Detox? Enjoy this Delicious Paleo Friendly Dessert that is also Sugar Free! On Day 24 of my Winter ‘Slow and Steady’ Cleanse.  The final week! Eating raw food but no fruit  in fact no sweeteners at all. I have been missing a dessert style food, yes missing the sweet but only craving the […]