Welcome to the ‘Eat Right’ Companion Guide – What is ‘Right’?


I believe that our bodies are amazing machines that need to be worked and rested at specific intervals.  These bodies deserve to have the best and finest fuel available to sustain the complexity of the human body.

 Waterfall_littlebrookIt amazes me how many people pollute their bodies and then wonder why they are sick, blaming life or luck on the misfortune.  People of course can become sick for a number of reasons but it can all start from within their own mind.  The slow spiral of life becoming uncontrollable and the knock on effect of trying to feel better through food or drink.  This need can never be satisfied.  The bodies natural healing action is like a river flowing, tumbling over rocks to get to the wide ocean.  It will use the quickest route and can be moving quickly or just a bubbling brook.

When the habits form and the mind gets set on false happiness it may only be a matter of time before the dis-ease of life has turned into a disease.  The bodies natural healing action works like a SatNav redirecting constantly to the easiest way of finding the ocean.  When we get sick our first place to go is the Doctor office, often this can result in taking medication which interupts the bodies natural healing action.  It forces our healing action into a stagnant rock pool.  At first it is cool and shaded but then the algae starts to form on top, the fish move to cleaner water and life starts the leave the rock pool.  Before long the only healthy part is deep down at the bottom of the rock pool.

If the new water falling into it is also contaminated then this adds and continues the problem.freeimages.co.uk nature images

But………. there is a way out!!! Imagine that water falling into the rock pool is pure brilliant mineralised water.  It starts to flow slowly then it picks up strength of flow.  It is now overflowing down towards the main body of water it had been separated from for so long.  The contaminated water is forced out and diluted and it becomes clearer in the pool, living organisms return and fish breed and the algae that once thrived is no longer.

The river continues…… Life continues to flow, sometimes fast, sometimes slow but the motion constantly renews and regenerates.  This is natures order.

Consuming pure, clean food and drink can only feed the natural healing action within our bodies.  It must become automatic to only choose the best quality fresh, organic, purified, clear, natural products available.  This guide is not to discuss the basics between processed food and organic from nutritional value as this has been well documented but it is to reinforce the foods that are really doing our bodies some good and those that are not.

There are constant changes highlighted in the press from a range of sources.  It has become increasingly confusing for people to really know what is right for our bodies.   It is important that we can take control of our own bodies and the best starting point is with the food we consume.

We need to make that decision that we are more worthy than that sweet refined snack that is an every day habit or that pasta dish that gives you stomach cramps just because you like the taste.  Its time to take control over how we feel every day from waking up in the morning to going to sleep with a clear head.

It’s time to Choose Life…. Eat Rightgorilla


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