3 Top Paleo Diet resources for the newly interested

My New World of the Paleo DietDSCF0882

I have only just come across the Paleo Diet.

Since returning to the UK from living in South-East Asia I observed the huge problem sourcing healthy ingredients  from the local supermarkets.  The quality of the ingredients available and the amounts of sugar or additives in the foods that are unsuspecting has really shocked me.  It takes me double the amount of time to do any shopping due to the need to read the labels of anything in a packet.

I had been really lucky to be living on an Island where fresh vegetables and seafood are a staple together with a side of steamed jasmine rice.  Although I do not eat pork and chicken it is widely consumed and the animals are transported live where the freshness is ensured.  Lamb and Beef are luxuries and imported so it does not form the menu for the majority and will always be bought frozen.

The curries are made with coconut milk that is collected from the islands many coconut and then pressed and mixed with water forming the delicous basis for many of the curries and soups.  Boxed coconut milk is available to buy and even this is 100% coconut milk.  The best I have found here is 70% from a tinned coconut millk.  Most regular shop bought is no more than 50% and contains some kind of preservatives.

Rice is homegrown and forms the basis or accompaniment to nearly every household in the country but this is generally the only grain consumed.  All other grains and flours are imported so have never really taken place in the lives of the many people except to please the tastes of the tourists.

So based on this lifestyle I have had some good preparation for the wonders of the Paleolithic Diet.  I have always experimented with diets and tried and tested a range of them.  And will continue to do so to experiment how my body feels when I change the food I eat.

I look forward to learning and experimenting and sharing and understanding a diet that seems to follow a lot of the trial and error dieting I have formulated and also has a great following for people where there have been great success stories for improved health.DSCF0906

The following links are the first three links I came across related to the Paleo Diet.  I was in the last week of a 30 day slow and steady cleanse.  I was researching what food I could eat upon breaking my cleanse and with the restrictions of an early post cleanse diet I stumbled across this diet I pronounced Pal-a-o (not knowing what it was about).  I have since understood it is Pall-eo.

The following links are by no means exhaustive but they were the first three that spelled it out quite clearly for me.

This first one is by Dr. Loren Cordain – There is history, experience and education to this man’s research.


Paleo Grubs is a wealth of information and receipes!!


Cook, Eat Paleo is just really friendly and straight-forward with amongst others an important article about how to stock your kitchen!


Enjoy reading!

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